About KlausHorseHouse.com

Hola! My name is Klaus Trotter, and I’m a Chilean photographer with a master’s degree in communication and marketing management. I’m based in Leipzig, Germany, and I collaborate with various organizations across Europe.

I grew up around horses, which sparked a special love for them. This is the reason why I began working with equestrian establishments—to spend more time in this world. This decision not only brings me joy but also enables me to assist others in promoting themselves, their businesses, and showcasing their work to the world. It’s something that has brought me a lot of happiness during the process, and I’m looking forward to continuing.

Klaushorsehouse.com was created to showcase my equestrian photographic work, a space that allows me to promote myself across the social networks. While photography remains my primary focus, I’ve expanded my services over time to provide professional solutions to my clients.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m looking forward to finding new clients around the globe who would like to promote their business with me and allow me to continue creating moments with my camera.