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Anja Reimann
Administration and Project Management

Tel: +49 173 7376787


I will visit you and take photos from the installation, working day, horses and riders. 

Starting Price 300 € / day

VAT exclusive.


When I’m already at the location, I can focus on photographing horses, riders or processes. 

Starting Price 150 € / session

VAT exclusive.


Book me for Events, tournament or activities that goes all day long or for several days.

Starting Price 500 € / day

VAT exclusive.

Starting Price

Covers the Creative Fee* and part of the working hours already invested at the location and after. What allows a fair trade between both parties and lower price to start working together.

Photos can be purchased later or  be included at a full budget proposal

Prices for digital photos

Choose the quality you need

Quality 01

1350px large / 300 Kb


10 photos 40€

Select this quality if you only want to use the photos on Social networks, like Facebook or Instagram.

Quality 02

1920px large / 1.5 Mb


10 photos 150€

Select this quality if you only want to use the photos on Websites, Blogs and Full Screens.

Quality 03

4600 px large / 5-8 Mb


10 photos 400€

Select this quality if you only want to print the photos and use on diverse formarts.

* Creative Fee?

Means the total cost of the creative portion of a project, this includes photographer labour costs, equipment hire, travel costs, accommodation, freight, post processing time, tour creation, editing, delivery (upload time and expenses).

Photography Coverage

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