Jan-Erik Franck

The Voice of Polo

A very good friend of mine from Switzerland introduced me to Chilean professional photographer Klaus Trotter back in 2022 who as it turned out has a long standing history of world class equestrian photography throughout Europe but never in Polo!! I invited him to come to the legendary Maifeld in Berlin to shoot the German High Goal where I very quickly saw the natural talent and incredible quality of his images.
It therefore came as no surprise when I learned that Klaus would be the official Photographer of The Polo Rider Cup in St. Tropez this year. Klaus once again raised the bar by shooting some of the most thrilling and incapsulating images the sport has to offer. It would not be an exaggeration to say his pictures do speak more than a thousand words and I hope we get to see more of his great work in the future.
His professional appearance, conduct and approach to any project is second to none and therefore makes him the perfect man with a camera for any occasion.
I wish Klaus Trotter continuous success in all is endeavours and am privileged that I have and will continue to work him in the future.